Anti Gravity Fly (Better known as A.G Fly) are a collective of rappers, singers and dancers who aim to provide a combination of fun music aswell as songs that deliver a message.

There are currently 5 members fronting the musical aspirations. Lil Saint, Yolanta, MC Fixer, Abz and Kayo.

Having formed in 2009, it has taken almost a year for them to start getting some recognition. Giving 100% in every show has been their foundation thus far, attracting a buzz at Danson Festival and the Running Late stage which was set up at Bexleyheath.

The crowds drawn has led to a few oppertunities which are still in the balance so if anything materialises you will be the first to know!

We have many more projects coming up at the moment, such as: Mixtapes, Tee-Shirts (Clothing), Wallpepers etc.

Take care and keep supporting A.G Fly.